Hydro-Guard Enclosures

Rectangular   Cylinder


Designed for heat dissipation and constructed of UV resistant LDPE plastic. Has a self-locking and self-latching cover and 360° accessibility to all internal components.

  HG-1 unit


Ideal for housing air release valves and other utility related products. Made of virgin LDPE plastic the enclosures are corrosion, impact, and UV resistant. Includes removable cover and 360° accessibility.

Square   Square
HG-1 Unit

        10”x10”x29”H, 42”H
        12”x12”29”H, 42”H

BOSS enclosure designed for heat dissipation. Constructed out of UV resistant LDPE plastic, the enclosure is self-locking with a self-latching cover.

  HG-5 Unit


BOSS pedestal enclosure has a self-locking, self-supportive, UV-protected enclosure that allows for 360° accessibility for the apparatuses needing protection from vandalism and the environment.

Square - Heavy Gauge Aluminum    
HG-1 Unit


Constructed of heavy gauge painted aluminum, these have a lockable cover that uses a unique lock pattern for added security.  Call us for custom sizes.



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